Individual Coaching

I believe that you have the power to change your current situation, whatever that may be. My job is to get you to believe that and support you as you make the necessary changes in your life. These are ways I can help.

Find your focus. If you’re feeling lost, at a crossroads or you can’t see a clear way forward, then coaching will help you to find your focus. We will explore the issues that you’re facing at the moment and put together a plan to enable you to start moving forward with clarity. This approach is beneficial in both personal and professional settings and is also useful when struggling with academic study.

Find your confidence, resilience and self-reliance. If you’re normally a confident, resilient and self-reliant person then suddenly finding yourself feeling timid, hesitant and unable to make decisions can be a terrible blow to your self-esteem. Together we’ll identify what has caused your confidence levels to wane and gradually re-establish your self-belief.

Coping through the menopause. If you’re a woman of a certain age, or you’re struggling with the symptoms that early menopause can bring, then you may be feeling misunderstood. On top of the hot flushes, sleeplessness and forgetfulness, you might be feeling that each day is like wading through treacle. Things might be getting difficult at work and you might feel that your performance isn’t as good as it might be. With this comes a deep sense of insecurity and a loss of confidence. Most symptoms of the menopause are not spoken about or acknowledged but 50% of the population are experiencing them to some degree. Take back control with a few coaching sessions. Your confidence and decision making skills will gradually return and you’ll learn tools and techniques to manage this special time in your life.

Reconnect with your natural intuitive self. With today’s pace of life, it can be very easy to lose touch with your natural intuitive self. Firefighting a never-ending to-do list at home and at the office, and not allowing yourself time to relax, will eventually inhibit your natural thought processes. Many hours spent indoors under fluorescent lighting and looking at screen technology also has a detrimental effect on our natural biorhythms. In my special ‘reconnection’ sessions you can learn how to access your true self, reconnect with nature and find ways to unlock your powerful thought processes. Indoor and outdoor sessions available.

Individual sessions are priced at £50 and last for 1 hour.