Group Coaching

If you are a member of an established group, or you’d like to share the coaching experience with your friends and family, then you can book me for your own bespoke coaching sessions. As a group, you will be able to make changes to your life while having the support and encouragement of your peers. You could even make it a party and celebrate your successes every time you meet.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 people to ensure that everyone feels included and supported. I coach a range of topics for groups and you can each have different goals. The following might give you some ideas:

• Building confide is and self-esteem
• Making the most out of your career
• Changing unwanted behaviour
• Managing a change in lifestyle (including retirement)
• Finding your focus
• Improving work/life balance
• Reconnecting with nature
• Managing time
• Coping with stress
• Refocusing in academic study

Sessions and venues are arranged to suit each group. Call 07778 768719.

My Approach

Every coach will have a different approach, you just need to find someone you feel you can work with. My feeling about life is that it is like a broken jigsaw puzzle without a picture. Some people are good at finding all the pieces and slotting them together, some people need a bit of help. In fact, most of us need some help some of the time.

GSo, using that analogy, in the sessions we’ll look at all of the pieces you already have. It may be that we need to look closely at a couple of pieces to check they’re in the right place. There might be pieces out there that you’ve completely overlooked or you’ve looked at them the wrong way round. From the first session we’ll start building the foundation (putting the edge pieces together if you like) and pretty soon you’ll be able to see big picture.

Still not sure? Contact me for your first free 20 minute chat.