Congratulations on taking an important first step towards making a change

I know that you’ve found this page because you’re feeling unhappy and you’re looking for a new beginning. You may have tried to make some changes already, but things haven’t working out the way you hoped. Don’t be disheartened. The decision you’re making now to hire a coach is a very positive next step.

I believe that you have the power to change your situation, whatever that may be. My job is to get you to believe that and support you as you make the necessary changes in your life. With your determination I can help you to:

• Find focus, direction and clarity
• Enjoy confidence and self-esteem
• Support yourself with resilience and self-reliance
• Tackle the overwhelm and feelings that you’re unable to cope;
• Understand and manage your procrastination
• Address your unhealthy workload or ‘screen time’
• Prioritise and change your feelings of disconnection
• Improve your professional or academic performance
• Understand, manage and embrace difficult life-changing stages such as retirement and menopause.

Couples Coaching

I also see couples who are struggling with their relationship and for whatever reason, would prefer not to see a counsellor. If you are both committed to making your relationship work then contact me for a chat.

Business Coaching

Improve your personal performance as a manager and to get the best out of your team….

Group Coaching

Grow together with friends and family

My Approach

Every coach will have a different approach, you just need to find someone you feel you can work with. My feeling about life is that it is like a broken jigsaw puzzle without a picture. Some people are good at finding all the pieces and slotting them together, some people need a bit of help. In fact, most of us need some help some of the time.

So, using that analogy, in the sessions we’ll look at all of the pieces you already have. It may be that we need to look closely at a couple of pieces to check they’re in the right place. There might be pieces out there that you’ve completely overlooked or you’ve looked at them the wrong way round. From the first session we’ll start building the foundation (putting the edge pieces together if you like) and pretty soon you’ll be able to see big picture.

Still not sure? Contact me for your first free 20 minute chat.